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From our base in Hong Kong, we provide reliable and affordable technologies and services. Once late at using sustainable business practices, Asia is now adopting them rapidly. Since we are people and planet oriented, our three main divisions include : training, environmental technologies, and wellness. The “environment” section on this website displays renewable energy technologies developed by our partner Motorwave Group, and highlights crucial issues in sustainable agriculture and energy distribution.

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Public speaking with Peak Communication :  In August 2011, we launched  Peak Communication  a program of training in public speaking and oral communication for teenagers, young adults and professionals.



21st cen dialo 3 3 Seminars for university students : the “ 21st Century Dialogues ” expose the issues of consumerism, discuss sustainable practices and environmental technologies, then, explore workable solutions.


-We also provide:

French language classes for individuals, groups and corporations.

Cross cultural training for individuals and corporations. Our services are available in English, French and Chinese.

See our programs of seminars for education establishments (colleges & universities).


The world is now evolving at a faster pace and to cope with it, we must constantly adapt our response to people and our environment. In this challenging perspective we seek a relationship of trust and total integrity with our partners to bring mutual value and a lasting cooperation. -       - Christian Masset   –  Founder


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